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上东区这个备受喜爱的飞地拥有最令人垂涎的品质,在当代都市生活中越来越受到重视:它是一个宁静、安全、舒适的避风港,远离这个城市的密度和杂音。40 East End紧邻风景如画的公园,包括Carl Schurz公园,John Jay公园和东河滨海艺术中心,加强了它与户外的内在联系。

This beloved enclave within the Upper East Side has the most coveted qualities that we increasingly prize in contemporary urban life: it is a peaceful, safe, and comfortable retreat from the density and cacophony of this vital city. 40 East End immediate proximity to picturesque parks, including Carl Schurz Park, John Jay Park, and the East River Esplanade, strengthens its intrinsic relationship to the outdoors.

40 East End由美国最大、最多元化的私有房地产公司之一Lightstone开发,著名建筑师Deborah Berke和Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel建筑事务所设计。

40 East End was developed by Lightstone, one of the largest and most diversified privately held real estate companies in the United States. Designed by renowned architects Deborah Berke and Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel Architects.

Deborah Berke是耶鲁大学建筑学院的院长,享有盛誉。她的公司对每一个项目都保持着严格的理性态度,但对具有重要意义的建筑,也就是随着时间推移而不断改变风格的建筑,则持渐进的态度。对于Deborah Berke来说,东区也有着特殊的意义,因为她多年来一直喜欢住在这里。

Deborah Berke, who holds the prestigious position of Dean at the Yale School of Architecture, Her firm maintains a strict intellectual approach to each project, but with a progressive nod to architecturally-significant buildings that endure shifting styles over time. 40 East End also has a special significance to Deborah Berke as she has enjoyed living in this neighborhood for many years.

40 East End的设计是对当地历史建筑的现代诠释。它的构成和纹理,质量和光线的使用有一种永恒的风格。外观上的优雅细节包括炭灰色砖图案和定制的手工铸造纹饰。街道上的双层高窗户与绿树成荫的宁静街道相连,而门廊则在隐蔽的带顶棚的二级入口处确保车辆隐私。

The design of 40 East End is a modern interpretation of local historic architecture. There is a timeless style to its composition and use of texture, mass, and light. Elegant detailing on the fa?ade includes charcoal-toned brick patterning and tailored hand-cast ornamentation. Double-height windows at the street level allow for a welcoming connection with the quiet tree-lined streets, while a Porte Cochère ensures vehicular privacy at the discreet, covered secondary entrance.


The most striking facade detail is the remarkable scale and proportion of the casement windows that enhance every residence. Many homes are fitted with Juliet balconies overlooking the Manhattan skyline and the East River. Select residences also enjoy spacious open-air terraces providing private indoor-outdoor living areas.

入户大堂营造出了一种精致的氛围:人字形图案的大理石地面,白色橡木饰面镶嵌青铜的墙面;还有一个令人惊叹作为时尚焦点的礼宾台。在桌子后面,由巴黎画家Julien Colombier委托制作的艺术品描绘了附近Carl Schurz公园的茂密树叶。

40 East End residents are immediately welcomed into a sophisticated ambiance: chevron-patterned marble floors; walls of cerused white oak paneling with bronze inlay; and a stunning concierge desk that serves as a stylish focal point. Behind the desk, commissioned artwork by Parisian painter Julien Colombier portrays the lush foliage found at nearby Carl Schurz Park.

40 East End的设施提供便利和魅力。与大堂相邻的双层高的Parlor Lounge休息室设有定制吊灯和由大理石和青铜打造的弧形楼梯。

The amenities at 40 East End offer both convenience and glamor. The adjacent double-height Parlor Lounge features a custom chandelier and a curved staircase clad in marble and bronze.


The second floor suite of amenities includes: The Library, an elegantly furnished refuge for moments of quiet contemplation,; the Game Room with foosball, billiards, table tennis, and darts to bring all ages together; and the well-equipped Fitness Center promotes an active lifestyle with state-of-art exercise equipment and training tools. Complementing the amenities is a gourmet catering kitchen that provides essential support space for hosting private events.

40 East End的住宅设计有目的;每个住宅都是定制的,旨在改善居民的生活。Deborah Berke在理解住宅体验方面建立了自己的声誉:人们如何生活,移动和使用空间,以及良好设计的实施如何能够对家庭体验产生积极影响。

The residences at 40 East End are designed with purpose; each is a bespoke home envisioned to enhance the lives of its residents. Deborah Berke has built her reputation on understanding the residential experience: how one lives in, moves through, and uses space, and how the implementation of good design can make a positive difference to the home experience.


The sequences from communal to private spaces within the home are thoughtfully considered, while rooms are arranged to align with access to light and to optimize expansive views. The oversized windows are designed to frame the exquisite cityscape, blurring the lines between inside and out.

40 East End座落于东区一个安静的角落,享有东河景色。大型可操作的窗户让河流景观进入公寓。朱丽叶式阳台,私人豪宅花园,挫折和较高楼层的大型露台,加强了整个建筑的室内外连接。

The design of 40 East End emphasizes the relationship between indoors and out. Located on a quiet corner with East River views, the building’s articulated base relates to the scale of the streetwall. Large operable windows allow river breezes into the apartments. Juliette balconies, a private maisonette garden, setbacks, and large terraces on the upper floors, reinforce the indoor/outdoor connection throughout the building.