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To watch a beautiful sunset is to have a borderline spiritual experience. We’re all sun worshipers at heart, whether viewed from our kitchen window, a neighborhood bench, or the beach. Where can you find prime seating for this grand theatre in the sky? Here are some favorite sunsets from around the world. Feel free to share your most memorable sunset scenery moments.看一场美丽的日落,其实也是在天地的边界上来一次心灵之旅。我们从本质上来说都是太阳崇拜者,不管是从厨房的窗户看出去,坐在家附近的长凳上,还是躺在海滩上看落日。落日是天空大剧院上演的最华美的一幕,哪里是最佳坐席?下面是全世界的人们看到的最美的落日。记得和大家分享你最记忆深刻的落日场景哦!

1. 希腊圣托里尼岛

1. Santorini, Greece希腊圣托里尼岛

Volcanoes don’t seem to erupt with geographical design in mind, but without their handiwork in Greece, we’d lose the gorgeous views provided by Santorini, the small group of islands that provide a sunset roundly understood to stand as one of the most picturesque you’ll ever see. The charming white architecture of the archipelago and the breathtaking cliffs give way to spectacular promontory viewings during a sunset.火山喷发的时候心里肯定没有在想着地理设计,可是没有它们在希腊的鬼斧神工,我们可能就没法看到圣托里尼岛这样壮观的美景了。这个小群岛上的落日绝对会是你一生看到的最独特的落日之一。落日时分,爱琴海群岛魅力无限的白色建筑,惊险万分的悬崖峭壁,都要统统给壮观的海角落日让路。

2. 死海

2. The Dead Sea死海

Just because the sea’s lifeless doesn’t mean the sunset is. In fact, the tranquility of the water’s surface lends a portrait quality to most shots taken of the Dead Sea. The sunlight here deserves some respect, too; its power is shielded due to the site’s position so far below sea level. In other words, you can sit in front of the sun for hours without a wicked sunburn. Travelers enjoyed their view from Jordan looking out over the West Bank.死海没有生命,可是死海的落日却有。实际上,波澜不惊的死海湖面恰好保证了拍摄质量,使得许许多多在死海拍摄的落日照都成为佳作。这里的太阳光同样值得尊重,因为死海的位置远低于海平面(死海湖面低于海平面407米),所以伟大的太阳神在这里隐藏了自己的能量。换句话说,在死海,你可以尽情享受日光浴而不用担心会被晒伤。旅行者可以从约旦远望,视线越过约旦河西岸地区,欣赏死海的美丽落日。

3. 加州国家公园

3. Sequoia / Kings Canyon National Park Area, California美国加州,红杉国家公园/国王峡谷国家公园

It’s nearly the opposite of the Dead Sea experience above. On the premises of Sequoia National Park and the adjacent Kings Canyon National Park lies Mount Whitney, the highest point in the forty-eight contiguous states at 14,505 feet. The towering trees that give the park its name naturally obstruct some sunset views from directly below the foliage, too, so the few vistas that allow unspoiled views become even more sacred. If you’re moving by car to Cedar Grove, the sun over Kings Canyon there is fantastic, and in between Grant Grove and Lodgepole you’ll see the sun’s orange draped over the majestic Sierras.在这里看落日的经历会在和死海的感受完全相反。红杉国家公园和毗邻的国王峡谷国家公园位于海拔14505英尺的惠特尼山上,这里是临近的48个州的最高点。公园里参天大树郁郁葱葱,会阻挡树下人们看日落的视线,所以少数几个能够看到完整落日美景的远景地就显得更加珍贵了。如果驾车去雪松林市,你会发现国王峡谷公园的落日无比绚烂。在雪松林和罗奇波尔市之间,你会看到太阳的橙色光辉洒满整个雄伟的内华达山脉。


4. Amalfi Coast, Italy意大利阿玛尔菲海岸John Steinbeck, who penned an essay on Positano, Italy for Harper’s Bazaar in 1953, caused traffic in the Amalfi Coast area to spike significantly when he wrote: “Positano bites deep ... It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone,” he remarked. It’s hard to contain our love for the Amalfi, too; to watch the sunset unfold from a moped or actually sitting cliffside is to experience something almost supernatural. The sky morphs into comical orange and pink colors and on a clear night, the sun looks like a tasty ripe nectarine. The closer to the cliffs, the better, you imagine yourself awakening to this every day and can’t help but be overcome with wonder as the light reflects.20世纪的美国作家约翰·斯坦贝克(代表作《愤怒的葡萄》)曾在1953年为《时尚芭莎》杂志撰文,他笔下描写的意大利波西塔诺小镇美景,曾经吸引无数人前往一度造成宁静的阿玛尔菲海岸地区交通极其拥堵。他这样描写到:“波西塔诺深深触碰了我的心灵,这里是梦幻的地方,你身处其中觉得虚幻而不真实,而当你离开,这里的一切又变得真切又令人心动。” 很难抑制我们对阿玛尔菲的热爱。坐在悬崖边上看着落日在我们眼前一点点铺陈开来,就像是在经历超自然的神奇。天空变幻成滑稽的橙色和粉色,在天气晴好的傍晚,太阳看上去就像个美味的成熟油桃。靠近悬崖越近,景色越美。落日照射在我们身上,想象一下自己每天早上醒来面对这样的美景,然后你就控制不住一直在脑海里描绘这样的幸福生活。


5. Cairo, Egypt埃及开罗

The Egyptian desert sunrise/sunset above sandy foothills is so iconic it’s almost hard to believe its real having not been there. Not to mention this was the place where thousands of years ago they really did worship the sun god, so you know something special is going on. But a sunset in the desert, no matter where you are, makes for an eye-opening experience, especially for city-dwellers.埃及沙漠里站在沙丘上的日出日落简直是代表画面,美丽到你无法相信这是那里真实的风景。更何况几千年来,这里的人们的确将太阳神奉为图腾膜拜,这里的确有一些特别的东西。沙漠里的日落,不管你站在什么位置,都是开阔眼界的经历,尤其是对于那些长期居住在城市里的人来说。

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